BENEKS, which currently operates in its factory with a closed area of 3000 m2 in Beylikdüzü, Istanbul is an engineering company.All founding members of our company are engineers and our vision is determined accordingly.

Our company, which started its activities in 1988 and has continuously served in the textile sector, has specialized in finishing and fabric preparation machines used in fabric dyehouses and has become an expert in the sector with its market share.Our company, which included the Fabric Dyeing Machinery group in its product range in 1998, has chosen a customer profile interested in high-quality results, rather than receiving a maximum market share in dyeing machines in line with its “Competitive Quality, Rather than Price” principle.

Our company, which exports 75% of its production, carries out works worthy of our country in the markets it exports and stands behind its works.

Our Vision & Mission


Optaining the developed technology at the maximum rate in order to provide the compatible safe and healthy conditions for our personnel in the application and usage of the equipments and materials which we use and for the customers and their personnel at the final product point.


Being committed to our undertaking and deadlines; making high-quality production with the Research & Development support, in the meassurement of norms and standards and providing the services or technical support requested by the customer in the fastest way and at the highest level.

Quality Policy

Within the scope of Textile Finishing Machinery, Design, Production, Sales, Marketing and technical services in which we are active as Beneks Makine, our QUALITY POLICY is* To determine the changing demands on time based on the needs and expectations of the related parties (internal/external) and customer satisfaction, to respond quickly to demands, to finish and deliver projects on time, to provide high-quality products/services and competitive price,to provide the best service in terms of information and technical support. * To follow the high technology in order to ensure continuous customer satisfaction.

  • To adopt the understanding that all staff is responsible for the quality, and therefore to raise quality awareness in all personnel, to provide trainings to improve their knowledge and skills, to encourage adaptation and creativity.
  • To become an exemplary and leading company in the machine manufacturing sector by respecting the environment and reassuring the user.
  • To ensure the happiness and motivation of the staff.
  • To adopt the purpose of continuous improvement of the system by evaluating the quality targets based on the performance indicators of the processes defined in the system.
  • To comply with national and international standards.

In this respect, as BENEKS MAKİNE, we are committed to determining our quality targets, continuously reviewing our goals and expanding this policy among all our employees.