Hydroehtractor Machine (BS)

Categories: 11 Sep 2011

Advantaced Features

Ballon squeezer for processing tubular knitted fabrics after dyeing and washing. For the totaly automatic operation of the line it is necessary to install a turntable, which receivers the control from the detwister. The machine is completely made of stainless steel. It is composed of the following components;

  • Turn Table
  • Detwister
  • First Padder
  • Second Padder (Double Padder)
  • Magnetic Stretcher
  • Plaiter

Ballon squeezer with single padder and adjustable tubular expander at the outlet. Ballon squeezer with the double padder for squeezing and wet product application.


Working Width

350 mm – 1400 mm

Machine Speed

10-80 m/min.

Working Type

With the help of AC inverter controlled motors. It can be operated synchronically by giving the desired feeding.