Open Width Washing Machine (RYM)

Categories: 16 Sep 2011

  • Suitable for washing of knitted or wowen fabrics with super heated water (102 ˚C)
  • Superheated water from nozzles relaxes fibers.
  • Special nozzles improves washing effect.
  • Tension control by Load-Cell.
  • Entry from trolle big batch
  • The cabins are carefully designed for easy access, simple maintenance and effective running.
  • PLC controls.
  • AC motors and inverters.


Working Width

1600 – 3400 mm.

Kurulu Güç

25 kW

Machine Application Field

  • Washing and oil removing before heat setting.
  • Removing enzyme dust.
  • Washing for fabric with yarn dyed.
  • Eliminate creasing after dyeing process due to waiting.
  • At two chamber with washing compartment, you can get more shrinking values.