Rope Opening, Slitting & Squeezzing Line (HA.TK.FU)

Categories: 10 Sep 2011

Advanced Features

This machine is designed to open the width of the knitted and woven fabrics in wet-rope form in order to prepare them for the following processes. With the experience reaching a decade in the textile industry, these machines are manufactured in a modular fashion to meet the
special requirements of all the customers. In general, they are manufactured in two types; For open width fabrics, for open width and knitted fabrics. Our machine is manufactured with stainless, and is composed of the following components;

  • Turn Table
  • Rope Squeezzing
  • Rope (Detwister)
  • Tower
  • Tube Slitting
  • Beater (for open width fabrics)
  • Opening – Centering Unit
  • Foulard (Optionally demant second foulard may be added)
  • Folding Unit (According to demand it can be folding or spreader.)


Working Width

1800 mm – 3200 mm

Machine Speed

10 – 80 m/min.

Working Type

With the help of AC Inverter controlled motors. It can be operated synchronically by giving the designed feeding.

(Enzime Dust Washing Chamber)